Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Haunt - Illustration Friday

Updates on what I am up to

Hello everyone.  Sorry I haven't been blogging like I should.  I have been working towards my mini solo exhibition at Depden Farm Shop next week.  I am very nervous now but fingers cross it will all go well.  I have roughly 31 images ready, all original and they will all be for sale from the 7th onwards.  I have also been asked to illustrate a story called 'The Naughty Stoat' for a website called Snuggle Down books, which is a really cool site where you can download 16 page children's books for 70p or buy a hard copy too for £10 so please take a look at the website at  I am also exhibiting at the Rheebridge Open Art Exhibition at the end of November, 3 of my images are going to be framed and 4 wont but all will be for sale, so if you are planning to be in Cambridge last weekend in November please pop in and have a look as hundreds of other wonderful artist will be exhibiting too.  Visit for more info.  I will also be selling my work and other beautiful thing I have made and designed at Thurlow Christmas Farmers Market and Craft Fair so please pop along if you are near Bury St Edmunds or Haverhill.  It all looks wonderful.  Please keep looking at my blog for more info and more of my wonderful images. x x x

Little Red Wagon in the Woods

An image which will be displayed at Depden Farm shop from the 7th of November through to January If you are following me and like my work please come along to see my work.  The farm shop is lovely and has some great products which could make amazing christmas presents.  Please visit to see the farm shop website.  I have a little mention on the New page.  Please keep having a peek at my blog for more beautiful images x x x

The Naughty Stoat

The Naughty Stoat.  I have been in contact with a lovely chap in Cambridge who runs a website called Snuggle Down Books please visit  It is fantastic you can download a 16 page colour children's book for 70p.  I have been asked to illustrate a book called the Naughty Stoat for this website so please keep a look out and you will be able to see my illustrations here first.  I shall keep you updated on how it is all going...

Colour ZigZag Chicken

Black and White ZigZag Chicken