Tuesday, 19 June 2012

One Last Bee for this Evening!

Coffee with the Bees this Afternoon

My bees have been created with coffee and black pen which bleeds.  I love this effect and I haven't used it since college.  I used to use this technique in a dark context but I feel it fits well with my bees.  They look so cute but have an underlining sting in their tails!

Beth's Bees

Since my deadline for Illus 330 and an inspirational trip to Tintagel I have been working on a series of drawings and paintings of bees.  I wasn't able to access my work for over a week so I needed to keep myself busy.  I have been really enjoying working on this summery project.  I plan to continue with Bad Burney when I get back to Suffolk so I can get some more inspiration from the NT house I work at.  In the mean time I hope you enjoy my Bees.   BUZZ BUZZ!